As the old saying goes: "A cobbler should stick to his last" - propably well known to the most of us.

Since we pursue this principle, we will recommend competent retail partners for special products which you can not find in our product range.

At first, we would like to present our partner Titanium Gunworks. He is a competent contact and supplier of target optics, binoculars and spotting scopes of well-known manufacturers. It might also be worth to take a look into the category scope mounts.

You can reach the shop of Titianium Gunworks by clicking the following link:


Mr. Klaus-Dieter Jungermann is your contact partner. He will give you comprehensive advice.


                                      ...exclusive and innovative hunting accessories form Titanium Gunworks




Frankonia – Your partner for hunting weapons

Thanks to the wide range of hunting weapons and accessories, the Frankonia online shop is the perfect partner in this field.

You will find a large selection of handguns and rifles as well as an auction platform for collectors and used weapons.

Also, the various range of suitable ammunition, premium-quality gun lockers and vaults will meet every need.

You can buy any kind of accessories such as grips, shafts etc. up to rifle bags and cases , as well as everything you will need for weapon care.

The Frankonia online shop is definitely worth a visit!


Frankonia - Waffen im Onlineshop