Anti Game Fluid 1 Liter

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Anti Game Liquid



  • Working like an invisible, biological fragrance fence for all kinds of game
  • Ideal game pass barrier, road traffic and fields
  • Good protection of replantings
  • Also perfect for inhabited areas like cemeteries and sports facilities
  • Prophylaxis during grain ripening, especially cornfields or special crops like hop-production, vineyards or asparagus cultivation




Anti Game Liquid is a long-time tested product expel crows, pigeons, deer, boars, birds of prey, martens, foxes, moles, root voles. Snails and ants are stopped and redirected by the Anti Game Liquid. Animals smell the scents and active ingedients of Anti Game Liquid, which create an image of an enemy (human) via the vegetative nervous system in the subsconscious and drive the animals to flee. Anti Game Liquid is effective very long lasting, but has to be applied again after heavy rain.

The used active ingredients are harmless for human, animal and environment. Anti Game Liquid is extremely effective even if used sparingly. Store in a cool dry place.


Made of:

Natural and nature-identical raw materials like human sweat (imitation), essential oils, protein compounds, scents, vegetable oils, emulsifiers. Anti Game Liquid - Repellent

Area of application:

  • Forestry
  • Viticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture

Keeping away crows, pigeons and game from new seeds. Establishing game pass barriers.


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100ml = 2,99 €


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